Independent Service

Our independent service means no conflict of interest and our promise that we will be working on your behalf and not the sellers like some other firms.

Thorough Due Diligence

Seller's title companies frequently ignore or will not research code violations and open permits. We promise to leverage our experience and knowledge to perform all due diligence checks for you.

Take Advantage of Your Rights

Don't be fooled by banks and other sellers that make it appear you have to use their closing agent. It's your right to have an independent agent involved.

Less Risky Transactions

Bank-owned properties and short sales are the riskiest transactions in real estate. Do not fall victim to this common pitfall.

Personalized Service

Our team can provide personalized care for each deal we work on, as our volumes are lower than banks and other sellers. This translates to superior quality and execution.

Commitment to Excellence

At Breakwater Title, we have a commitment to always provide top-quality customer service and execution for our clients that we work with.


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